Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 10 Items Needed for Holiday Road Trips

What better way to spend family time this holiday season than to pack the family in the car and take a road trip? Okay, hitting yourself repeatedly with an axe might be a better way to spend your time. Putting bamboo shoots under your fingernails? Yeah, that might be a better use of your time too!

Nevertheless, spending time in a car with 3 screaming kids while arguing with your husband that he actually IS lost is a necessary evil for many of us. Here are the top 10 items you need to make the experience more pleasant.

  1. Pain Killers. I'm thinking Tylenol or Advil here, but if you can get your doctor to prescribe something stronger, more power to you! Obviously, stick with the lighter stuff if you're the one behind the wheel.
  2. DVD Player and Plenty of DVDs. What did we do for long drives before the invention of this? However, be prepared for lots of arguing over what movie will be next. Also, be sure the driver doesn't get wrapped up in what's playing on the screen. Eyes on the road!
  3. Food--Preferably the Junky Kind. I'm all for eating healthy, but let's face it. Road trips are great excuses for eating anything sugary, fried, or salty. Plan a stop at a drive-through every hour to keep the kids' blood sugar levels from crashing. Gotta keep those blood sugars high!
  4. GPS Guidance System. No more fights with your hubby about whether you're lost! Now you can both gang up on the GPS Guidance System when it insists you're going the wrong way on the freeway! And what is with that bitchy tone when she says "recalculating." Get over that attitude!
  5. Coffee--and Lots of It. The driver needs to stay wide awake and alert! The other adult passengers need to stay awake to keep the driver entertained!
  6. Lots of Potty Stops! Forget about the kids' needs. See number 5 on this list!
  7. Ear Plugs. You'll be so glad you can tune out the kids' fighting in the back seat!
  8. Eye Mask. With the ear plugs blocking out the noise, you can maybe take a much needed nap! However, don't use the mask if you're the driver!
  9. Lots of CDs. Now that you have your kids hostage in the backseat, you can force your favorite music on them to show them what GOOD music is all about! Why not use this time as revenge on your kids?
  10. Bottle of Champagne. This item is not for use during the drive (open containers of alcohol are not allowed in the car). It's for when you reach your destination! You might even want to share it with the driver (or the other adult if you're the one driving). It's time to survive one of the hardest tasks we have to face--the family road trip!

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